February 2022 SGC Grading Recap

  • SGC graded 82,177 cards during February - up 1% from January.
  • SGC activity has been very consistent week-to-week thus far in 2022.
  • Baseball was the top-graded category in February with 33% share and cards graded up 9% compared to January.
  • Mac Jones mania slowed significantly in February; yet, 2021 Donruss football and the Mac Jones base topped the most-graded set and card list.
Published March 2nd, 2022

SGC graded 82,177 cards during February - up 1% from January

  • SGC grading activity remains very consistent week to week in 2022.

Cards manufactured during or after 2020 made up ~38% of the items graded (down vs Jan)

Category Summary

Baseball was the top-graded category in February - up 9% compared to January

Set Summary

2021 Donruss football tops the chart again - by a much smaller margin

  • Moving onto the list in February: 2021 Bowman Chrome Draft baseball and 2020 Panini Chronicles football
  • Falling from the list: 2020 Topps Chrome F1 and 2020 Prizm football

Player Summary

Michael Jordan easily leads the list of top-graded players

  • The top 12 players remain unchanged in February; however, Mac Jones dropped while Michael Jordan and Joe Burrow made noteworthy jumps

Card Summary

The top card leaderboard is a mix of classics with a few ultra-modern favorites mixed in

  • Jumping onto the list in February: 1981 Topps Joe Montana #216, 1976 Topps Walter Payton #148, and 1990 Fleer Michael Jordan #26
  • Dropping from the list: 1986 Super Canasta Michael Jordan Spanish Sticker, 2021 Panini Absolute Mac Jones Retail #109, and 2021 Donruss Trevor Lawrence #251

What's Next?

  • SGC has been extremely consistent to start 2022 - grading just over 20k cards per week. The company appears to be less focused on rapid expansion and more focused on establishing a healthy foundation and increasing affinity for the brand. That said, they appear to be executing well and have been increasingly visible in the hobby as a result (CEO Peter Steinberg has done several interviews over the past 2-3 weeks).
  • Overall, SGC seems to have a sound understanding of their potential over the next 12-18 months - establishing itself as a strong #2 in the hobby (which is not a given with CSG making a big push and Beckett's loyal supporters). An SGC that is operating at full strength and meeting expectations is certainly a good thing for the hobby and we look forward to them continuing to push down this path.