September '22 Grading Recap

October 3rd, 2022
  • The total cards graded across the major graders increased by 11% in September vs August.
  • PSA set a new record high for cards graded in a single month (1.08m); baseball claimed the #2 spot and passed basketball for the first time since GemRate began tracking the data in Feb ‘21.
  • Beckett regained some momentum after relocating offices and offering a 20% discount across its service levels.
  • CSG/CGC lost ~4 business days to the hurricane closure; however, the CSG business in particular was already down meaningfully compared to August prior to the closure.
September Grading Summary
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September 2022 PSA Grading Recap

  • PSA graded 1,083,928 items during September - up 21% vs August and 30% year-over-year.
  • Baseball and football saw the largest increases in activity during September; baseball surpassed basketball for the first time since GemRate began tracking the data in February '21.
  • 62% of the cards graded in September were manufactured during or after 2010 (compared to 52% in August).

Category Summary

Baseball and football had the largest increases during September

Set Summary

2021 football carried the leaderboard in September

  • 1999 Pokemon Game held onto the top spot for the eighth straight month
  • Football claimed 5 of the top 10 spots in September
  • Added to the list in September: 2021 Prizm, Select, Donruss and Mosaic football, 2020 Prizm basketball
  • Dropping from the list: 2020 Pokemon Swsh Black Star Promo, 2019 Pokemon Sun & Moon Hidden Fates, 2000 Pokemon Rocket, 1999 Pokemon Fossil & Jungle

Player Summary

Shohei Ohtani and Tom Brady make big jumps in September

  • Added to the list in September: Shohei Ohtani, Joe Burrow, LaMelo Ball and Mac Jones
  • Dropping from the list: Shaquille O'Neal, Ken Griffey Jr, Ja Morant, and Zion Williamson

Card Summary

The top cards list turns over post backlog

What's Next for PSA?

  • With the backlog now behind them, PSA delivered a record output in September. Things appear to be moving in the right direction again for PSA after a quieter than expected August. Another strong showing (i.e. 1 million+ cards graded) in October would be a great sign that PSA can sustain heightened levels of demand without the support of a massive backlog.

September 2022 SGC Grading Recap

  • SGC graded 69,562 cards during September - a 8% decrease vs August.

Category Summary

Football and soccer had the largest increases in September

Set Summary

2021 Prizm football holds onto the top spot (just barely)

  • Added to the list in September: 2021 Select and Chronicles football and 2020 Donruss Optic football
  • Dropping from the list: 1909 and 1910 Piedmont Cigarettes (T206) baseball and 1958 Topps baseball

Player Summary

Mickey Mantle takes the top spot

  • Added to the list in September: Aaron Judge and Justin Fields
  • Dropping from the list: Shohei Ohtani and Hank Aaron

Card Summary

What's Next for SGC?

  • SGC continues to be fairly quiet on the news front while competitors have announced pricing specials/promotions. The company appears to be heads down with a strong focus on quick turnaround times. Overall, SGC output has been fairly consistent; however, without much new news, the company remains very susceptible to outside forces (i.e. competitor tactics).

Other Charts - CSG

Category Summary

Set Summary

Player Summary

What's Next for CSG/CGC?

  • CSG/CGC both saw declines in output during September that were exacerbated by hurricane-related closures. It's not clear what caused the meaningful decline at CSG in particular, but it does appear CSG will be taking pricing action to help jumpstart demand. CGC seems poised to hold onto the number two spot in TCG/non-sport category and recently added Marvel cards to the mix.

Other Charts - Beckett

Category Summary

What's Next for Beckett?

  • Beckett regained some momentum in September on the heels of a 20% off pricing promotion offered throughout the month. Overall, the company appears to be experimenting with different marketing tactics to fuel demand and it wouldn't be a surprise to see more of the same in October.